Madonna at the Wall of Death

Madonna at the Wall of Death, 2017, ink on paper, 8 x 10″

After months of exclusively drawing in tiny moleskine sketchbooks (view them HERE) I have finally started making 8 x 10 ink drawings on “vellum” paper. I’m using Uniball Signo #207 Gel Pens which are waterproof, chemical proof, acid-free and completely archival museum quality, they dry instantly – and are very cheap ($1.25 ea.) Farewell India ink, croquille nibs and dipping. Farewell Koh-I-Noor tech pens and refilling and cleaning. You can also watercolor right over this Uniball ink with no smear or bleed. OK, my sales pitch is over.

Madonna at the Wall of Death is a little experiment with high and low. Of all high art the altarpiece is perhaps the highest, and the Madonna and Child perhaps most high. This is based on the 1735 Luis Nino painting, “Our Lady of the Victory of Malaga.” I was thinking that since Jesus is a little five year old boy, where would she like to take Him for an outing? I know where I would want to go when I was five, to the Wall of Death bloodsport motorcycle races of course! What could be lower than that? A few skeletal grim reapers would be in attendance to capture a few brave fallen riders to boot.