The History of the World

The History of the World, 2017, ink on paper, 8 x 10″

The top half is based on an old 17th century etching complete with a few Latin terms: “Providentia” for Providence, the all-seeing Eye of God; and “Fama Bona” and “Fama Mala” good news and bad news. I was thinking about the curse God placed on Adam and Eve when they were kicked out of the Garden after they committed the Original Sin. He cursed Eve with pain in child-bearing (crying baby), Adam with the struggle to grow food by the sweat of his brow (crops and the need for government subsidy), and then He cursed us all with the little Generation Z girl and her ubiquitous smart phone. Fear (the dog), greed, violence, vice, chance, and gambling are all depicted in the card game. It’s rather tricky to jam pack the entire history of the world in an 8 x 10 space; I left out famine pestilence and war, but that could simply be more Fama Mala.