The Pessimillennialists

The Pessimillenials, 2017, ink on found book page, 9 x 6″

“Pessimillennialism” is a real derogatory term found among Evangelical Christians, specifically within the dialog concerning post-millennialism, and pre-millennialism. These terms refer to the return of Christ as pre or post the 1000 years of peace known as the Millennium. Pre-millennialists believe things will worsen right up to the Great Tribulation. Post-millennialists believe the Church must establish a Theocratic Dominion over the Earth where the whole world is ruled by Christians for 1000 years preceding Christ’s return. Thus, the Post-millennialists refer to the Pre-millennialists as “Pessimellinnialists” because things get worse not better.

I use this term here and the obvious similarity to “Millennials” in a scene that includes some of my favorite iconography: entangled skull-headed snakes offering chicken and bones, dead fish, a cool car, bomber planes, and a Voodoo doll. If I had a coat of arms this would be it.

It is the generation of Millennials I have the most hope invested in for the safeguarding of the arts and humanities. The Baby Boomers will all be dead in twenty years, Generation X will justĀ slink away quietly, uncommitted like they have always been. The youngest group, Generation Z (5-20 year olds) will try and rebuild whatever is left, we need to ensure they have at least a few decent building blocks.