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If I had to pick just one artist of all time whose work has influenced me the most it would be Albrecht Durer. From the great woodcut “The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse” I first saw at a headshop on Brady Street in Milwaukee in 1973, to the “Passion Series” to “Melencholia I”. His magnificent Renaissance “Northern Line” forever changed printmaking, draughtsmanship, and ultimately painting in Northern Europe. Durer’s hatching and crosshatching remain the best in all art. Despite the beautiful work of Callot, Hogarth, and Crumb, we will never equal Durer’s accurate simplicity, and his ingenious shaping of the human form, nature, perspective, and architecture into a seamless composition. To claim such a master is a profound lesson in humility, my place at his feet will always be as a student.