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Old dogs really can learn new tricks. I have always kept a sketchbook since the 1970′s, but I’ve never made it a daily practice. When I came across artists who did in fact draw every day – I was in awe. Their sketchbooks were loaded with everyday scenes, doodles, designs, patterns, notes, and quotes. I sporadically used the sketchbook for doodles and quotes from books I read, and ideas for future prints.

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One day I decided to start practicing drawing characters for a graphic novel, and began filling up all my sketchbooks. I was getting a little burned out so I pulled out a Gustave Klimt book, took a cup of coffee and my tobacco pipe out to the balcony and began to copy Klimt. Next morning I copied Frank Stella, Next morning Max Earnst, then Max Beckmann, Aubrey Beardsley, Giorgio di Chirico, Oskar Kokoschka, Modigliani, Marianne von Werefkin, Fred Stonehouse, Tony Fitzpatrick, Enrique Chagoya, Alfred Kubin, Danny Lyon, Franz Marc, Dali, Daumier, and several obscure Russian Futurists.

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I was on a roll and needed more sketchbooks, I was hooked and the Summer weather beckoned me to my tree surrounded balcony. I started to actually compose my tiny moleskine sketchbook pages as little finished works. My original drawings were getting better and I started to use color and more complex crosshatching. Now I can honestly say daily drawing in the sketchbook has become my habit, I wonder if I can do same thing with exercise? I have scanned these pages and created a new category in Gallery called Sketchbooks, see the complete works HERE.

The Daily Sketchbook Habit | 2016 | art, Kokoschka, Sketchbook