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Like the drummer who started out hitting pots and pans on the kitchen floor as a child, the artist remembers drawing pictures as soon as he could hold a crayon. I am no exception, drawing family members, houses, pets, cars, soldiers, spaceships, monsters, aliens, and every comic strip in the newspaper. In Junior High school I started on the typical path drawing caricatures of teachers, friends and politicians and eventually trying to master chrome.

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It was in High School that entirely original drawings dominated my output, including surrealistic worlds, and every kind of counter-cultural experience. It was drawing for the sake of drawing, spending endless hours listening to FM radio and drawing. The elapse of time had no meaning.

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Forty years later, I now spend a few hours each morning drawing in my little moleskine sketchbook. I alternately copy from the great artists and also draw whatever comes to mind each day. I do not have any plans but I do try to compose each page and finish every drawing. I feel like a kid again, time whips by, and I can see a marked improvement in skill and speed. I’m able to jam more and more complexity into these tiny pages. If I can do it, you can do it. The hard part is starting. You can view all the sketchbook pages HERE.



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