A slight shift in direction

July 26, 2016

If you have ever been to Burningman in the Nevada Black Rock Desert, you will remember that the very best and most impressive art works were burned with fire to the ground at the end of the event. I often relish the courage it takes to part ways and destroy works of art. The idea of a “clean slate” is very appealing; a fresh start; drawing a line in the sand. For me it means trying to forget every creative impulse that seemed forced, or lazy, or without concern for the viewer for whom I am making the art. C. S. Lewis quoted Horace in his essay “Good Work and Good Works” roughly paraphrased, “Art is to delight and inform the public.” As a Post-Evangelical Left wing Christian Sympathizer, I still feel the duty to serve the public as an artist – to delight and inform.


A Slight Doubt
2016, Rubber stamp, found paper ephemera, and gouache.
9 x 11″

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Elegant Drudgery

July 21, 2016

Looking at the elegant golden gowns of Gustave Klimt led to a little diptych painted on recycled antique book covers. Cooking and cleaning marked my mother’s generation as the measurement of a good housewife. These terms have become vile and insulting to post-modern generations, but there was a certain elegance to domestic work that is worth considering.


Elegant Drudgery I
2016, Gouache, gold leaf, and ink on found book covers
6 x 9″


Elegant Drudgery II
2016, Gouache, gold leaf, and ink on found book covers
6 x 9


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CMYK process painting

If I were a painter I’d blow up famous paintings from art books, crop them, and paint them using a halftone screen in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.


Napoleon’s Horse
(after Jacques-Louis David)
2016, Acrylic on panel, 29 x 35


(after Albrecht Durer)
2016, Acrylic on panel, 29 x 35


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Comics Blown-Up

If I were a Pop Artist I would take a magnifying glass to the color Sunday Comics, crop my favorite characters, and make acrylic paintings using an ellipse halftone screen using just four process colors. L to R: Powerhouse Pepper by Basil Wolverton, Popeye, Batman, Little Nemo, Lois Lane, Olive Oyl, Superman, Flip, and Krazy Kat. And a healthy nod to the late Roy Lichtenstein.

comics blown up

Comics Blown-Up
2016, Acrylic on panel, each 15 x 15″

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Flip (From Little Nemo)

March 11, 2016

This is a study for a new series of paintings concerning pivotal comic strips that have influenced my work. I am one of many Pop-based artists trying to deal with Warhol and Lichtenstein. If I was a painter in NY around 1963 (instead of a 4 year old child playing with matchbox cars in Wisconsin) I think I would have taken a magnifying glass to the Sunday funnies. I attempt to find a slightly abstracted beauty in the ephemeral quality of the disposable newspaper. The characters are abstracted and cropped yet still recognizable. The commercial printing process is a CMYK system which I would bring to painting. I lay down yellow, then magenta, cyan and black on a wood panel using projected color separations. The Ben Day dots are simply individual brushstrokes. This is a turn from bringing painterliness to printmaking, instead I bring printmaking to painting. The images refer directly to the iconic comics masters: Herriman, McKay, Segar, etc. as well as the styles of Lichtenstein and Sigmar Polke.


acrylic on paper
15 x 15

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March 04, 2016

Gearing up for the Membership Exchange Portfolio at the upcoming Southern Graphics Conference in Portland OR. This lithograph will be my entry for the required 13 piece edition. Superman gets advice about love from two knuckleheads.


2016, 4 color lithograph
11 x 14

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Smoke (with curls)

February 10, 2016

The collage on the left just needed something more. It might be a self-portrait after all and I thought it needed a few curls.


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Read All About it

Sometimes failure can bring about a new direction. For this print I was carving linocuts for the individual faces when I realized I never flipped the drawing on the block! This is a newbie mistake. So I salvaged what I could: Superman, Zippy the Pinhead and Dick Tracy – and gave them the pink floral background they deserved. Then, looking through a box of antique paper ephemera I found four languages of book text to chine colle. Read All About it.


Read All About It, 2015, Linocut , chine colle, and found textile block prints. 14 x 14

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Bobby Sox Intaglio

February 07, 2016

This print is based on the collage by the same name. You might ask “Why make an editioned print?” The answer is to have more than one. Perhaps as much as I ween off printmaking it still rages through my blood; plus I am a bit greedy.


Bobby Sox, 2015, Photopolymer intaglio with Chinne Colle, 8 x 10

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Memento Mori in Apocalypsi

November 13, 2015

I have been thinking about death – especially when death is not available. One of the most significant shortages on Death is during the Apocalypse. And what would an Apocalypse be without horrors so terrible that  ” . . . in those days shall men seek death, and shall not find it; and shall desire to die, and death shall flee from them.” Death flees from men shortly before Death is destroyed – a last ditch effort.

Memento Mori in Apocalypsi, 2015, 8 x 9", etching with aquatint and drypoint

Memento Mori in Apocalypsi, 2015, 8 x 9″, etching with aquatint and drypoint







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