Gregory Martens

Artist & Educator

From Superheroes to Anti-heroes

Golden Age: 1938-1945, Silver Age: 1954-1967, Underground Age: 1967-1980 Muscle men in tights, capes, and masks were de rigueur for the comics in the 1960’s and 1970’s. I grew up during the end of the Silver Age of comics and just before the Underground Age. It was a bland regurgitation of Superman and Batman. Originally these heroes offered a brooding […]

This is not the Apocalypse

This is not the Apocalypse. This is not the end of all things. This is just a taste of one part of an apocalypse. The most familiar Apocalypse is found in the last book of every Bible, The Revelation of St. John. It is worth reading, in fact you are actually promised a blessing for reading it, “Blessed is the […]