Color Studies

If you follow my work you don’t see much abstract art. I have a certain love-hate relationship with abstraction. I greatly appreciate the place of abstraction in the canon of art. I like to stand before abstract paintings and let the color and texture soak into my soul. As a teenager I visited the Milwaukee Art Museum and saw abstraction first hand, the massive scale and seemingly random complexity, and all that three-dimensional paint sticking up everywhere. I was intimidated and enamored at once, like seeing a really beautiful woman up close for the first time. But I liked to draw comics and funny satire and people throwing up and narrative absurdity. A contempt for abstract artists who “copped out” of real drawing and figurative painting developed in me and I felt ashamed. There were two paths and I chose representative figuration and began to hate abstraction for it’s lazy skills and lack of drama. But whenever I got stuck I would make tiny abstractions to get un-stuck, even to this very day. These are all 4 x 5 “.gouache and ink.