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Demonangel,  2023, 30 x 62, woodcut on Fabriano paper.

Blue hand-coloring (top) will be auctioned off at the Steamroller MKE 2023 event to benefit our friends at Anchor Press (AP3).

Black ink $600. Black ink with hand-coloring $1200. Other color scheme’s can be commissioned.

The Demonangel watches over the chaos on the Earth below, where both good and evil are continuously vying for power.  The image was originally the top section of the much smaller print, Slow Food, from 2021, but it really wanted to be re-born as a five foot wide print.

Big Boy Rockets

Big Boy Rockets, 2023, 15 x 20, Screen print. Edition: 12. $300

Big Boy Rockets is a warning to all the big boys who like to play with missiles, just ask “Stumpy” if it’s really worth it. The image is based on a pack of cheap crayons I had as a kid, they were too greasy and didn’t have enough pigment, but the kid on the label looked pretty cool.

Human Target

Human Target, 2010-23, 23 x 35, Screen print on original B27M rifle target. Edition of 12. $800

Human Target  began in 2010 by screen printing skulls on actual gun targets to make them a little harder to shoot at. Friend and fellow artist Dave Niec mentioned the importance of dealing with the bullseye “X”. Since I could never quite resolve it, I put them in a drawer and forgot about them.  After 13 years, I finally figured out how to finish them: by putting a big heart over the “X” as a reminder that real human beings will be on the other end of your ordnance. I hope that makes it a little harder to shoot at.

El Corazón

El Corazón, 2023, 12 x 16, five color screen print on creme linen (left) or on red rosin construction paper (right). Edition of 12, $200

We printed the same heart from the Human Target print (scroll up) in the Trompe-l’œil style as a reminder of the Human-ness of Humanity, mere flesh and blood.

Let’s Shake on it

Let’s Shake on it, 2023, 9 x 12, Acrylic ink linocut on Bristol. Edition of 12. $60

Let’s Shake On It was created for Pride Month in support of every person that gathers under the Rainbow. Our best outcome is possible if we make friends and root for each other.

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